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Pet Sitting

Drop-in visits for your pets at home. Be confident that your pets are receiving top quality care when you are away. Pet Sitting includes:
  • Food and fresh water
  • Play time for your pet
  • Reliable care for your pet
  • Bathroom breaks for dogs
  • Litter cleaning for cats
  • Texts and picture mail updates of your pet sent to you
  • 30 minute pet sitting = $35
  • 60 minute pet sitting = $45
~  Licensed, Insured & Bonded  ~  Pet CPR/First Aid  ~  Certified Members of Pet Sitters International  ~
Be confident your pets are receiving great care when you're away
Shuga hiding behind plants during Pet Sitting, Oakland, California
Dog resting on a chair after play time during pet sitting, Oakland, California
Blacky posing for a photo during pet sitting, Oakland, California
Tomato enjoying the sunshine during pet sitting, Oakland, California
Ellie resting after fetch during a pet sitting visit

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