About Us


East Bay Pet Pals is a family owned business consisting of Jimmy Mead and Golaleh Poorsoltan, their baby, Nina, and their furry kids, Sushi, Amelia, Ziggy, and Zeke. While only Jimmy and Golaleh are certified dog walkers and qualified pet sitters, the furry members of the family provide the inspiration to do the job of taking care of their clients' dogs and cats not just reliably, but also, respectfully and mindfully 

What started out as a favor or two for traveling neighbors and friends turned into a full-fledged pet care business. It seemed like the obvious choice for two long-time pet parents, and rescuers of random animals (the list includes cats, dogs, birds, deer, sugar gliders, fish and hamsters, to name a few).

When things began to take a more professional turn, the pair decided that the commitment to their clients must include continued education in their field to help them take care of their clients' pets properly. In addition to obtaining legal permits, license, insurance, and bonds, they became Pet CPR and First Aid Certified from Pet-Tech, attended Dogtec's Dog Walking Academy where they learned about pack management, dog communication, and body language, safety and fight protocols, and became Certified Dog Walkers. 

In short, they got serious about providing quality and informed pet care for their clients. They give them the same care and attention they give to their own cats and dog (and that's saying a lot).

"It often happens that a man is more humanely related to a cat or dog than to any human being." 
~ Henry David Thoreau

 Contact us to take the next step. Info@eastbaypetpals.com ~ 510-459-6152 or 510-393-2384